Thursday, December 12, 2013

Grenada through the Windshield

     I traveled all over Grenada while I was there a month or so ago, but just seeing your destinations is missing most of the experience of the island.   I really find myself taking more pictures out of the windshield of the vehicle I am in as we go from place to place than I do once we get there.   Leaving the city and heading up the mountains along the rugged coastline, I'm amazed to see how things keep changing until we get into the dense jungle of the rainforest.

     After visiting all of the destinations that we were set out to see, it was time to come back down the mountain and the seashore just as the sun is beginning to set.   Watching people walking back home as we start to see signs of the afternoon thunderstorms moving up the mountain from the sea.

   These miles of travel and what you get to see through the windshield will absolutely amaze you if you take the time to look.   I guess the saying about life being a journey, and not just a list of destinations is really true, especially if you look out the window while you are traveling.  ;o)