Monday, June 24, 2013

Amazing Day, Mom and Boston

Looking to the grove past the barn 
     An amazing thing happening in modern day travel, Internet aboard the plane.  Here I am at 37,000 feet enroute to Boston and writing  this part of the blog from my seat in the plane.   I find it very interesting how technology keeps advancing.   If this spreads, I'll be able to run a business from my seat in the airplane traveling to my favorite islands to sample more rums and meet with more rum people.   Could not pass on this opportunity to blog in the air.

The House from the street
    I finally have arrived in Raynham, Mass, The old family farm still looks warm and inviting.  It was nice to wander around the grounds again and see all of the open space and how all of the trees have grown since my last visit.   The old homestead built in 1840 is looking fit as ever.
Mom has really done an amazing job of keeping the place up over the past years.  

Carol Leonard "Mom"
     I was able to take her out to dinner and a very nice evening of dining and conversation that was very enjoyable.   Mom is doing very well, still able to get around and take care of the farm and herself.  She is an amazing woman that has so much drive these days even though she has just passed 92 years young.     She has the drive and as her neighbors put it "stubbornness" to keep doing for herself even when help is being offered.   She really believes that a body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest.   She feels a need to do as much for herself as she can and this keeps her going.   I think that I know where I get my drive from, and I hope it carries me as far as it has carried her.   Thanks for all the support and help through this lifetime.   ;o)

Off to Boston This Morning

     Another travel day today, headed to Boston to Visit the Ernest Hemingway wing of the JFK Presidential Library.   Hoping to get some more information related to Hemingway’s life while he was at Finca la Vigia and where Pilar went in her travels.   This should be a very enlightening experience, especially after my visit to his house in Francisco de Paula last September.    

     It will be a chance for me to also visit with my mother while I am up there.  I haven’t seen here in a couple of years and it is time to stop in.  

     I’ll fill you all in on Tuesday what I have found out and should have a lot of good information to give you then.   ;o)