Saturday, January 16, 2016

Chilly Nights and a Warm Hot Apple Toddy

     The first really chilly evenings have landed in the Keys, and it is definitely time to bundle up and enjoy a hot apple toddy as I enjoy the sunset on the aft deck today.   What to make this with, I have a taste for a good spiced rum and a friend gave me a bottle of King Ginger Liqueur some time back I want to try.   Good pure apple juice, warmed up and the addition of a great spiced rum and a little bit of ginger flavor, I think that will do it.

Siesta Hot Apple Toddy
·         2 oz.  Siesta Key Aged Spiced Rum
·         1 oz.  King Ginger Liqueur
·         6 oz. 100% (Not from Concentrate) Apple Cider
·         Fresh Ground Cinnamon
·         Couple of drops of Fresh Lemon Juice

Warm a coffee mug in Hot Water, add rum, ginger and apple juice warmed for about 1 minute in a microwave, stir, and garnish with a a couple of drops of lemon juice and fresh ground cinnamon.
     This is just what the doctor ordered, it is really flavorful, not to sweet and just perfect to take that chill off on these chilly evenings.   Make some of this up for the evening's enjoyment and take the chill off of you evening.