Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Another Day and More Thing Getting Back to "Normal"

     Here we are just over a week after being slammed by Irma and things are starting to get back to some what normal.  The lines to get into the grocery stores are gone, people have been allowed to return to their homes and the debris is being cleared from the streets.

     Many of the businesses have reopened, making it possible for many of us to start repairing the damage to our residents.  I know that for me the opening of West Marine was a blessing for all of us that live on boats to be able to get the pieces and parts we need.  It has been  a week, but if has felt like a lifetime getting some of the basics back into operation.  What is really interesting is how much of the things we rely on on a regular basis that we take for granted mean so much when you get them back.

   I feel like a lot of the stress of getting things back into operation is behind many of us who stayed and getting underway for those that had to wait a week before being allowed to return.   To paraphrase W. C. Fields, "all in all I'd still rather be in Key West"  This is my home and it is paradise bruised even though it has been messed up a bit.  I know the people that live here and I know that they will bring it back to its former beauty very soon just like they did 12 years ago after Wilma.

     For Me, I was able to stop by the Rum Bar and enjoy a nice special rum with some old friends that had just returned and got to share the experiences of their travels to get away and back home.   It is always good to get together and talk about just plain stuff to get you on the road to recovery.