Friday, December 9, 2011

Bartender's Appreciation Day

Lauren at the Hurricane Hole
     All of us get to come in contact with a bartender some time, there are those that you always remember and those that you would love to forget.     Either way they all provide us with some very refreshing and enjoyable cocktails and good conversation from time to time.     Today is the day you get to say thank you for the services they provide you, today is Bartender Appreciation Day.

Paul at the Hurricane Hole
     Lauren, Nicole, Paul, and Nick at the Hurricane Hole here in Key West are the ones that take care of me and my friends on a regular basis and I truly do appreciate their service.     These are fun people that make the day fun for me whenever I arrive there in the evening. 

     Think about your bartender today and take the time to say thank you to them for all that they do for you and the  fun times they provide you when you go tho their bars.     ;o)