Monday, October 15, 2018

Steampunk Spirits Introduces Its First Rum

     UK-based spirits maker Steampunk has expanded its portfolio with the launch of Voodoo Spiced Rum, the company’s first rum expression.   The firm, which currently makes Steampunk Gin, has created the expression using a blend of Caribbean rums infused with vanilla, ginger and black pepper.
    Charlie Gibbs, managing director of Steampunk spirits, said: “More and more people are seeking new and interesting taste experiences, and we’ve come up with something that offers an alternative and contemporary take on a classic drink.  “Our unique bottle design sets us aside from any other brand on the market – it tells a story – channeling the voodoo mysteries of Baron Samedi, who dwells in the realm between life and death, and is known for his fondness of rum and a good time. Yes, we’re a little out of the ordinary here at Steampunk.”
     Bottled at 40% abv, Steampunk’s Voodoo Spiced Rum is currently available at and The Rare Drop, in Gateshead, retailing at $32.00.  Unfortunately, this is not available yet in the United States, but it does sound interesting.