Thursday, April 27, 2017

Abuelo Finish Collection Tasting Friday at the Rum Bar at the Speakeasy Inn

     Friday April 28th, Bahama Bob Leonard will be at the Rum Bar at the Speakeasy Inn to introduce you to Abuelo Finish Collection.  The tasting begins at 4:00 pm through 6:00 pm.  This is your opportunity to try these impressive rums.   These are three of my favorite expressions, because of the awesome flavors that the wine cask aging adds to this already fine 12 year old Abuelo rums.

    Ron Abuelo XV Finish Collection is a masterful series rums that is a limited edition created by the master blender at  Panama's Varela Hermanos Distillery. There are three expressions in the series, Napoleon, Tawny and Oloroso.   The names were chosen to reflect not just the character of the finishing wood, but also the places that inspired their creation: Napoleon for Cognac and France, Oloroso for Sherry and Spain and Tawny for Port and Portugal. 

      NAPOLEON: What better name for a rum finished in barrels that have contained cognac!  The French oak of these barrels and the delicate and complex flavor and aroma of cognac, with its characteristic fruity sweetness, give Napoleon its distinctive character, because different notes appear to those that we traditionally have in our rums.  The aroma has notes of wood, fruit and a hint of cacao.  On the palate it has a dry fruit and wood with a lingering elegant finish.

     OLOROSO: Finished in “botas” of Jerez Oloroso (Fragrant Sherry) made of American oak.  The Jerez Oloroso is a really aromatic wine with a lot of body and mildly sweet.  It is perhaps the expression that most maintains the traditional character of our rums, but with a more complex character, which gives it its final finish where the notes of dried fruit can be distinguished.  First pass by the nose give you a complex blend of citrus peel and smokey wood.  In the mouth there are notes of citrus and toasted almonds in the rear of the mouth and a long and enjoyable finish.

     TAWNY:  means “amber or dark brown”.  This was the name given by the British in the XVII century to the most aged wines from Oporto, because of their color. As a dessert wine, it gives our rum a special and distinctive sweetness with notes of “berries,” but without notably transforming its characteristics.  On the nose this is unique with a sweet and dryness that is a blend of the wood and the berries.  In the mouth, there is a natural sweetness of a well rounded blend.  The flavors in the mouth seem to remain for an inordinate amount of time with woody and fruited notes at the finish.

    Please join us on Friday afternoon for a couple of hours of rum tasting and education.