Saturday, September 9, 2017

Final Preparation for Hurricane Irma in Key West

     Now that most of the preparation is complete and all of the windows and doors have been boarded up, it is time for those of us staying in Key West to put the final touch on before the "bitch" arrives.  It is a tradition on the island to gather at one of the open establishments and party in a big way to get mentally ready.

     Thursday was at the Conch Republic Seafood Company, better know as the "Conch Farm".   Open today from 4 til 7 for one of the locals that are staying on the island to have a couple of more "Happy Hours" before its arrival.  Literally hundreds of the locals gathered to let off a little steam and hang out with each other and relieve some of the stress being brought on by the impending storm.

     It is a lot of work to get storm ready, but when it is complete getting mentally ready before hunkering down is also very important.  This is a bunch of rightfully nervous people, sitting and waiting to see what Irma has in store for us.  Rather than just sitting around and letting the stress of anticipation make you nuts, the hurricane party is a really important part of the preparation before it is time to go inside and watch the storm rattle the island.

     Now we are really ready and it is time to go inside and "Try to Reason With Hurricane Season".  As much as we make light of it to get us through, all of us are taking this storm very serious and have already got the preparation complete.  It is time to go inside and wait.  Looking forward to this being behind us and get back to "Key West Normal".

     It was conscientious among the crowd attending the yesterdays final hurricane party at the Conch Farm as to how we felt about this bitch Irma.