Saturday, September 1, 2018

What Country Drinks the Most Alcohol?

     There is a misconception about how much Americans, British or even the Continental Countries drink per capita, but we don’t even get a honorable mention it that contest. If you live in Moldova or Belarus, you are among the champion drinkers in the world.

     Those two countries drink the most alcohol per capita worldwide, according to data collected by the Global Information System on Alcohol and Health. We analyzed the results, which aggregate both recorded and "unrecorded" alcohol consumption, such as moonshine or homebrewed beer, and plotted all into a political world map.

     The countries that drink the most alcohol are, located in mostly colder-climate locations. Alcohol laws play a significant role in consumption, of course, as does religion.  The 10 countries that drink the most alcohol, in liters per capita, ranked:  Moldova (17.4), Belarus (17.1), Lithuania (16.2), Russia (14.5), Czech Republic (14.1), Romania (12.9), Serbia (12.9), Australia (12.6), Portugal (12.5) and Slovakia (12.5).

     The 10 countries that drink the least alcohol, are the ones that are for the most part in the Muslim World where the consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden by their religion.  Here is their consumption in liters per capita, ranked:  Egypt (0.3 ), Niger (0.3), Bangladesh (0.2), Comoros (0.2), Saudi Arabia (0.2), Yemen (0.2), Kuwait (0.1), Mauritania (0.1), Pakistan (0.1)and Libya (0).