Saturday, October 21, 2017

Stress Relief, a Day on the Water with Our Friends

     Finally, We got out on the boat for a trip to Bahia Honda and Little Palm Island.  The was a ton of damage to both of our favorite places and things are moving ahead in both places to get them back into operation.

Beautiful day on the Water
    For our "Camper" Lil Sanity, this is the first time back on the water since Irma.  The waters were off limits for a couple of weeks or so after Irma and it took a while for the marina to get its fork lifts going again and have the buildings checked for security by the structural engineers.  The wait is over and Marta and I and our friends Don and Patti made a day of being on the water.

South Shoreline of Big Pine
     Seeing the devastation from Sugarloaf to Bahia Honda was very sad.  The houses, trees, plants all gone where just 6 weeks ago was lush vegetation and beautiful homes.   The brown bushes and trees where the leaves were striped by the monstrous winds and tornado's that lashed through this area.

Little Bahia Honda Before
Little Bahia Honda After

     The little island to the south of the Bahia Honda Bridge is virtually gone, there is just one little stick of a tree left on it.

Captain Run Aground's Boat
Bahia Honda Marina Entrence
    The park is bald, with the exception of a few palm trees and other odd trees.  They say that the park
Little Palm Island Docks
will reopen by the end of October, and the marina hopefully by Thanksgiving.  A captain had brought his boat into the marina just as the storm was hitting and ended up on the sidewalk next to the moorings in the marina.

Little Palm Island Resort
     Little Palm Island is in a similar state of  devastation.  The buildings, docks and the grounds were a mess, but like Bahia Honda they were being restored.  There were workers cleaning up the mess and starting to rebuild the resort.