Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Another Fun Rat Key Taster's Association Get Together.

     It just seems to bet better and better, The quality of the rums and friends that we share it with.   This week was no different.   With 10 of us out there, we had a great selection of rum and people that really enjoy it.   We had two friends from Houston join us this week, Brian and Karen Yates are serious rum enthusiast and were thrilled to be invited to the island.  They were joined by the rest of the regulars, Carl, Don, Patty, Randy, Bob, Mike and Sam, all got to enjoy sharing the rum event with us.

     We were treated to a great group of rums
from Columbia, Bahamas, Japan, Trinidad, and Venezuela.   We all enjoyed the variety of rums that  were presented this week at the tasting and were really surprised at the differences in the rums from all of these different places.

     It was a pleasure to have guests from Houston to come and enjoy the rums with us.  We are receiving guests from all over the country each week and rums from all over the world.  This is what makes the Rat Key Tasting Association such a fun thing to be involved in.   Producers are sending their products from all over the world for us to enjoy on Mondays and to give our feedback as to their qualities and  how the expressions are perceived by the group.

     If you have a rum expression that you would like for the group of ru specialists to taste and tell the world about, you can send it to:

Bahama Bob Leonard
5555 College Road
Key West, FL 33040

     We will be happy to share it with out rum people and let you know how we enjoyed it.   We can also send you an evaluation by the four of the International Rum Judges that attend each week.  This is a great platform to have your rum tasted and presented to our following of rum lovers.  ;o)