Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lots Happenining at the Miami Rum Festival Today

Don Q 151
     The day got underway with a breakfast with Roberto Serralles and his Don Q team.   We were off next to the judging room for the third session of judging, evaluating spiced and some of the better no age statement rums..  Lunch brought us a wonderful presentation by the folks from Atlantico.  After lunch and a short nap it was back to the judging room for the fourth session of rum tasting.  

Alexander Britell Publisher of Caribbean Journal
    This session featured 10 to 15 Year, Special Cask and 18 to 25 year expressions.  It is always a pleasure to sip the older and well aged and blended rums.  Tomorrow will be the final two sessions of the rum judging.

Steven Gubb
Gubba Gold and Silver Rum
    First of the five pm presentations was from Gubba Rums one of the
Massachusetts rum producers  They introduced us to their silver and gold expressions.   Distilled in Colorado, this handcrafted artisanal rum is naturally organic and is now known as Gubba Gold Rum and Gubba Silver Rum. Gubba Gold contains natural vanilla and Gubba Silver contains natural coconut which are both unfiltered. It’s normal for the infusion of natural ingredients to settle in the bottle.  Simply shake and enjoy!   Steven Gubb is rightfully proud of the expression and he is looking forward to it being available soon in Florida and other parts of the world.

    The late evening is at the legendary "Broken Shaker" as the guest of Rhum Barbancourt.  ;o)