Saturday, December 23, 2017

8 Myths About Drinking That People Still Believe

     If you think a Lite beer has less alcohol, you believe one of the many myths about drinking.  The truth of the matter is that a standard drink has the same amount of alcohol whether it is light beer, wine or 80 proof spirits.  With the holiday season upon us, the parties, and family get-together's are in full swing. The party mood has taken hold, people tend to let their hair down and enjoy a few more drinks than normal.

     Having two glasses of wine is nothing to worry about, right? Many people believe men can have two drinks and women one and still be within the legal limit when they get behind the wheel of a car, it's much more complicated than that.  There are many myths surrounding alcohol consumption and drunk driving, you could be breaking the law without realizing it. 

     Rather than asking yourself how many drinks you can have before you go over the legal limit, rather ask yourself how many drinks you should have before your driving is affected?    The answer to that is none.   "The thought that you've taken or destroyed someone's life in a road crash could lead to psychological trauma even if you were within the legal limit".   "Your conscience may keep reminding you that the accident could have been prevented if you'd been 100 percent alert and capable of taking preventative measures."  Even though the “legal Limit ranges from .05 to .08 %/100 ml blood alcohol content these legal limits don’t take into consideration of how individuals will be able to handle their alcohol.

Here are the myths that are just not true, more like urban legends, they don’t exist.

1. Men can have two drinks and women one 

2. I had only one drink an hour

3. I drank beer, not hard liquor 

4. I'll be sober after a few hours of sleep

5. Coffee will sober me up

6. You can trick a breathalyser

7. I drive better if I've had one or two drinks

8. I'll just drive slower

     Here is how to have a good time and be safe, all you have to do is apply some of these things to be sure you don’t get into trouble if you have been drinking.

1. Appoint a designated driver

2. Use a public transportation like a bus, taxi service or Uber and Lyft

     Please have a really fun Holiday season with all the parties you can find.  The difference between going to parties and having fun and doing it safely is don’t drink and drive, it is really that simple.