Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Museo del Ron - Santiago de Cuba

Bacardi Rum Factory Model
     This is one of the most interesting museums of Rum that I have visited.  It is not a glamorous
place, but rather austere, but has a lot of historical information that I haven't been able to find in other places.   I covers the rum industry not only in Santiago de Cuba, but the rest of Cuba as well.   There is a lot of good information about the Bacardi family's contribution as well as several other rum producers.  There is a great display showing the Cooperage tools and the "cooper" at work cutting barrel staves.

     "Encased in a handsome townhouse, it has a bar below so hidden away it's reminiscent of a speakeasy, but with a knowledgeable bartender on hand to serve you up their 'recommendations"

Maestros de Ronero in Santiago de Cuba
     The host was very knowledgeable on the history and the people that made Santiago de Cuba the true rum capital of Cuba.  It seems to be true even today.  The former Bacardi factory is still producing the finest rums in Cuba including the newly released Havana Club 15 Year Old.  The Santiago de Cuba brand rums are definitely among my favorites.  His knowledge of not only the Bacardi family's history, but the rest of the families that made Santiago de Cuba and the rest of Cuba a great rum country.

Ron Palau an early Rum Producer in Santiago de Cuba
     With Cuba becoming more and more accessible to Americans, Santiago de Cuba is a city that needs to be put high on the list of places to visit.  Whether your interests are rum or history, this city is packed with both.  The Museo del Ron is located in Santiago de Cuba at Bartolome Maso Number 358. 

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