Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sloppy Joe's Bar Havana Reopened

     The historic bar in Havana known as Sloppy Joe's Bar has reopened after a long and arduous restoration.   I was absolutely stunned with the accuracy of the
restoration when I visited there this month.     It was filled with historic pictures from the hay days including the many stars that would frequent the establishment in the twenties through the fifties.  I got to see the progress that was made since I was there last September, but what absolutely amazed me the spectacular job that was done bringing it back to life.

     A short ten months ago I was stumbling over rubble at a construction site in Havana looking at the project being built.   The famous long bar and the cabinets were being built, the whole building, inside and out was undergoing a complete face lift.   The attention to detail by the workers was amazing and the finished product, what can I say, it is great.  I feel like I just walked into a 1930's bar and I was going to be sitting by any one of many celebs that would be stopping by for cocktails.  

     The people behind the bar and the servers dressed in traditional black with orange ties fitting to the dress of the era and the entire experience.  Being able to walk behind the bar with the staff  was an experience that I really enjoyed, and will never forget.    It is so great to have been able to experience the fun and excitement that was "Sloppy Joe's Habana", the atmosphere and the décor is fabulous.

     Today, the people working there are what make this such a special place.  I guess that the same can be said for the days of the bar in the past.  It was really true then as it is now, the décor draws you in and the people keep you coming back.   I do have to say that I did spend quite a bit of time here on this visit.  

     Just down the street from Parque Central and the Bacardi Building, Sloppy Joe's  is a must see on any Havana visit.  Jump into the past and have a super time gazing into the days of fun and frivolity from the Prohibition Day in Havana.  ;o)