Saturday, June 18, 2011

The First Checker Cab

1923 Checker Cab
     The first Checker Cab was produced by Checker Cab Manufacturing Company of Kalamazoo, Michigan on this date  in 1923.     And why is that an important thing to a Rumstyler?     A good rumstyler is a responsible drinker and takes cabs home when they have had too much to drink, and a little history about  the early and very important cab marques is something of interest.

     Morris Markin (Checker Cab)and John Hertz (Yellow Cab) were the two major mogul in the Chicago and New York taxi business in the early days.     The story of the cab companies is a long and drawn out battle of "fare wars" and anti-trust suits, but a colorful past has only lead to a service that all of us rely on on a fairly regular basis.    

     What is this all about any way, a slow Saturday that lacks a good story, or is there something else behind the production of the first Checker Cab?     I guess it is your decision as to what I have in mind.    The real important thing is to use the taxi when you are not in a condition to drive, the life you protect might be mine.   ;o)