Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Day Saturday, What to Do?

     This is it the last long weekend of the summer, and what am I going to do?     Well I can have a back yard bar-b-que, go fishing, take a bike ride, or a little of each.    So many choices so little time.     For me it is "Labor Weekend, because I'm behind the bar, but still it's a party that I'm attending to.    What ever it is you choose to do make sure that you do it safely and remember if you are drinking, don't be driving.     This is for your safety and mine.    We don't want to loose any of our friends this weekend, and we don't want to see them in jail either.   The cheapest thing to do is take a bus, cab or have a designated driver to take you home, the alternative is a lose-lose situation.

     Now what about the fun this weekend, a day on the water or a camp out by the water or in the mountains (assuming you have a mountain), these are all a blast.     Fishing, water sports, or just lying out in the sun taking in the rays, all of these are the best fun for the end of summer flings.     Camping by the lake  was always fun with 3 days of water skiing and sun worshiping was what springs to mind from my younger days, today it is just being out on the water and floating with the tides and currents that gets my juices flowing.    

     What ever it is that you're going to be doing over these three days, be sure to put your brain in gear before you put anything else in gear and come back to us safely on Tuesday.    Make sure you have all the fun in the world, party all that you want to, and visit all of your friends, but if you are drinking, get home by some other means than driving.    There are organizations out there that will get you home safely, and taxi's and even some of the towing companies that are volunteering to take you and your car home this weekend for free.    Like Shania Twain said in here song, "Don't be Stupid".   ;o)