Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Season is Ending and the Dog Days are Arriving

Hello, I'm Nigel
     Key West is headed into that annual transition from season to summer.     A lot of things are happening during this time of year.     Tourists start to disappear as the weather up North starts to warm up and they can play at their own favorite summer spots.     Hurricane season is underway and many of the winter residents have boarded up their places and gone off to their summer places elsewhere.     The nautical group that has insurance that does not allow them to be below the 24th parallel during hurricane season have gone away also.      Basically Key West has been left to the dogs to keep things going during this time of year.

 a great day for a cruise

Way to hot out there today
     Welcome to Nigel's life here in Key West as the summer comes upon him.     He spends his time waiting for the right weather to come out of the air conditioned cabin of his boat so he can play along  the docks.      Today might be my day to take the boat out and head for the Marquesas Keys for a day of sun and beaches.      This dog's life is too hard for me so many decisions to be made and these dog days never seem to last long enough for me to enjoy.      Maybe next week, I'll bet that I can get some friends together and make a real party of it then.      That seems like a better idea.

Hey John, what's happenin'
      I guess that I'll be more practical and hang out with my friends on the back of the boat  and share some stories  with my friends, maybe have a cocktail or something.      Hey John, looks like you just got your hair cut, what else has been happening  in your world.     This life is just what the vet ordered for me, cool breezes, friends and a comfortable place to rest my weary body.    There is so much peace and quiet around here this time of year that it begins to wear on me a bit, but my dog days will to soon be over and the rat race will get started again.   I got to be careful of what I wish for, time to settle back and chill.

Nothing like a rum and tonic and friends

This is what I mean now

     I guess that it is time to get out and see if anyone is over at the Hurricane Hole, it's just about happy hour and most of my friends that staying here this summer should be there by now.      I can't wait to belly up to the bar and spin some yarns with everyone, there might even be a couple of nice lady dogs that I can chat with.         With my luck this time of year it will just be a bunch of guys telling their fishing stories and tossing back a bunch of cold brewsky's.   That can be fun as well, no matter who is there I'm going to have a great evening with my friends.

     How in the world can I ever stand three more months of this before things start picking up again and I have to party hardy again with all of the tourists and snowbirds.     I guess that it is just a dog's life and the role I was destine to play.     I'll just hang and make the best of it.     Happy summer for all of us that get to stay here and play.     ;o)