Thursday, January 30, 2014

What are the Cocktail Customers Looking for in 2014?

     It is fun to read all of the predictions for the "new trends " for 2014, but the reality is that the people that frequent your cocktail lounge, bar or rum shop are really looking for one thing.   It is good service, properly crafted cocktails and a congenial atmosphere in which to relax.

     In the past five plus years I have had a rare opportunity to work in a fine little bar on Duval Street here in Key West.   The biggest thing that I have learned is that you have to make your customer comfortable.  First and foremost this is what makes people come back and talk to their friends about you.   I try to use the evaluation comments I find on Trip Advisor and Yelp as guide to see what is working and what is not, by doing so I can fix what I am doing wrong and emphasize what the customers are liking.

    By following this plan we are able to draw a great group of customers to the Rum Bar and have them tell their friends and return themselves.  This is the basis on which the bar has grown and become so well known.  " This was, by far, my favorite drinking spot in Key West. Conveniently on Duval Street, but towards the south end and far enough away from the high traffic area. Bahama Bob was a wonderful bartender and a delight to talk with. This place has an impressive selection of rums (one of the largest in the country) and Bob makes a kick-ass painkiller. We recommended this place to everyone we met during our stay in Key West. Definitely worth checking out!"  From .

Keep them happy and interested.

     I find it funny that in the predictions for 2014 cocktail trend they are saying that it is going to be "moving back to more well cocktails and better customer service" that's what the customer will be looking for.  What else is new,  all that people really want is a good cocktail and to be made to feel at home when they are there.

     All the customer trends in the world all boil down to two basic things when it comes to the operation of a good bar and that is treat your customers like the friends that they really are and make a good quality and consistent drink for them.   The rest of the stuff will pretty much take care of itself if you do this for your customers.  ;o)