Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tuesday Afternoon Hangin'

    I finally got caught up on the maintenance work on the boats and I choose to just hang in the boat and do some writing.  I'm at the dock in Key West Harbour Yacht Club, taking some pictures and doing some writing.   This is the perfect atmosphere for stimulation and the creative juices are flowing and the words are just flowing.

     The Pelicans are back in town and they are here sleeping on the pilings, giving the marina a very calm and peaceful feeling.   The winds are down and the boats are coming and going as I just sit here listening the some great songs from the 60's and 70's.  

     The serenity of the of the day reminds me why I live here especially in the winter, yea there are some cooler and windy days, but for the most part the days are in the mid 70's and light breezes that keep you really comfortable,allowing all the fun activities wearing only shorts and t shirts.  

      Here's to another sweet Key West afternoon with mother nature at all of her beauty and calmness.   She has been a bit cranky over the past week, but today she is at her best behavior and giving us a super December day to be.   ;o)