Thursday, January 1, 2015


Colorful adventures ahead of all of us
     Here we go again, starting a new year and all of the adventures that are ahead for us.  I always look at it a chance to start with a clean slate and a chance to make the year something really special.   I try to avoid the resolutions  in favor of just following my gut and doing what feel good.  I'm very curious as usual what new things will cross my path and where they will take me.

     My life has always been an adventure and I think that because I'm not afraid to look life right in the face and try so many new and different things, I don't loose interest in what I'm doing.   Keeping my life fresh and vibrant keeps me young and enjoying all that I do.  If it becomes tedium, then it is time to try something different.

     Here is to 2015, may it be a year of new and exciting adventures and challenges that make all of us stronger and better people for the efforts.   Look at your life straight on and let it take you to new and untraveled paths filled with eye opening fun and new perspectives.  ;o)