Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Unique New Strawberry Rum From Shropshire Spirits Company

James Crone, Director Distiller
     I love to find out about small distilleries that really take the art of distillation seriously and put their own stamp of uniqueness to their spirits.  The Shropshire Spirits Company in Halesfield, UK is just one of these distilleries.  Owned and operated by James Crones, head distiller and director puts his ideas on the table and creates  unique spirits made from locally produced products and botanicals.

     Shropshire is a historical area of the United Kingdom with roots going way back to the 10th century.  The earliest industries of Shropshire took their rise from its abundant natural resources; the rivers supplying valuable fisheries; the vast forest areas abundance of timber; while the mineral products of the county had been exploited from remote times.  As the forest areas were gradually cleared and brought under cultivation, the county became more exclusively agricultural. In 1343 Shropshire wool was rated at a higher value than that of almost any other English county, and in the 13th and 14th centuries.  Said to be the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, the county has so many resources, making it a perfect place to have a craft distillery. 
Salopian Strawberry Rum
     Distillery is small and humble but still produces high quality Spirits available across the county of Shropshire and beyond.   Everything starts quality fruits from the farms of rural Shropshire provide the flavors of the Spirits.  The selection and preparation of these is one of the most important stages in our process.    Shropshire Spirits Company founder and owner, James Crone said, “I’ve been working on this rum for a good six months to ensure the flavors are right".

     First shown at the Cosford Food Festival, the new Strawberry rum was an instant hit with those in attendance.    The launch at Cardiff Rum Fest, on 1 October was well received.  Salopian Strawberry Rum is created by fermenting strawberries and rum together before the mixture is distilled in a traditional copper pot still.   Described by those in attendance as having flavors of strawberry, molasses and caramel.

Shropshire Spirits Company Stills
   This is a unique method of flavoring white rum that gives it a unique flavor.  Fermenting the UK Cane Molasses and locally sourced strawberries together then pot distilling them to get this very special rum.   Because of the size of the distillery, I doubt that it will ever reach the United States, but if you get the opportunity to try this expression, I believe that it will be a very flavorful one.