Monday, August 10, 2015

2015 Edition of Papa Andres is Announced

     It is always exciting to hear about the introduction of the newest expression of Papa Andres luxury rum from the family's private reserves.  This is an exciting year because it was blended for the first time by a female blender.  There will be only 1,000 decanters of their fine luxury rum available for sale at a price of $1500.00 US each.  All profits are donated to the Brugal Foundation, which aims to support development and reduce poverty in the Dominican Republic.
     This year’s Alegría edition was created by the family’s first female master blender, Jassil Villanueva Quintana.   Papá Andrés is a luxury rum from the Brugal family’s private reserve named in honor of the company’s founding father, Don Andrés Brugal Montaner.   This year’s edition is named Alegría – which means “joy” in English – and has been crafted by master blender Jassil Villanueva Quintana, a fifth generation member of the Brugal family.   The Alegría decanters were designed by acclaimed Spanish designer Javier Mariscal, inspired by” the color and warmth of the Dominican Republic and its people”, to capture the feeling of “alegría de vivid”, which translates as ‘joy in living’.   In keeping with the theme, each decanter is hand-painted by students from The Altos de Chavon School of Design in La Romana.

     It is described as “viscous and silky on the palate, a well-balanced rum with subtle, light, sweet notes of vanilla and Sherry”.   Marisca has also illustrated a collectors book to accompany the expression, described as “a unique way to discover the story of Papá Andrés – and the story of Brugal itself”.

     Since the company was founded in 1888, each generation of the family has put a small amount of their “most exceptional” rums aside.   Since 2013, a small portion of the rum is extracted from the resting casks and used to blend the limited edition Papá Andrés bottling which is then made available to the public.   The cask is then replenished with a selection of that year’s best aged rums, and laid down again.