Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2014 Rum Master Tasting Results

     The results for the 2014 Rum Masters Tasting had some real surprises.  It is starting to reflect the new look for the category.  This is one event that stresses the merits of each of the rums on ts own, not the mixability or how it tastes when mixed with something.   This is a London based tasting that each year does a fine job of judging the expressions  in their own category and presenting a fine set of results.

CompanyProduct NameAward
Havana ClubHavana Club Añejo 3yoGold
Angostura LtdAngostura ReservaGold
Fiji Rum CompanyBounty Fiji Rum Premium WhiteSilver
Joseph BanksJoseph Banks 5 Island RumSilver
Santa TeresaSanta Teresa ClaroSilver
Industrias Licoreras de GuatemalaRum Botran Reserva BlancaSilver
SelvareySelvarey WhiteSilver
Gold up to 7yo
CompanyProduct NameAward
Joseph BanksJoseph Banks 7yo Golden Age RumMaster
Santa TeresaSanta Teresa Añejo Gran ReservaMaster
Edrington DistillersBrugal XV Ron ReservaGold
Rémy CointreauMount Gay Distilleries Black Barrel RumGold
One Eyed SpiritsRon de Jeremy RumGold
Berry Bros & RuddPenny Blue XO Mauritian Rum, Batch No.1Gold
Edrington DistillersBrugal AñejoSilver
Ocean’s DistilleryOcean’s Mellow & Singular 7yoSilver
Amrut DistilleriesAmrut Two Indies RumSilver
Rock SpiritsScreech 80° RumSilver
Gold 8-12yo
CompanyProduct NameAward
Abbey HoldingsSt Nicholas Abbey Gold 10yoGold
Santa TeresaSanta Teresa SelectoSilver
Tortuga International HoldingsTortuga 12yo Aged Gold RumSilver
Gold over 12yo
CompanyProduct NameAward
Destilaria Ron MillonarioRon Millonario XO RumMaster
Industrias Licoreras de GuatemalaBotran Solera 1893Master
Destilaria Ron MillonarioRon Millonario Solera 15yoGold
La HechiceraLa HechiceraGold
Abbey HoldingsSt Nicholas Abbey Gold 15yoSilver
Dark up to 7yo
CompanyProduct NameAward
Pusser’s Rum LtdPusser’s RumMaster
Havana ClubHavana Club Añejo 7yoGold
Angostura LtdAngostura 7yoGold
Dark 8-12yo
CompanyProduct NameAward
Angostura LtdAngostura 1824Gold
Westerhall EstateWesterhall Vintage RumGold
Amathus DrinksFlor de Cana Centenario 12yoGold
Angostura LtdAngostura 1919Silver
Dark over 12yo
CompanyProduct NameAward
Pusser’s Rum LtdPusser’s Navy Rum 15yoMaster
Compañía Licorera de NicaraguaFlor de Cana Centenario Gold 18yoGold
Distilleria SerrallesDon Q AñejoGold
Distilleria SerrallesDon Q Gran AñejoGold
CompanyProduct NameAward
Santa TeresaSanta Teresa 1796Gold
CompanyProduct NameAward
Rémy CointreauMount Gay Distilleries Extra OldGold
La HechiceraLa HechiceraGold
Maverick DrinksProfessor Cornelius Ampleforth’s RumbullionGold
Havana ClubHavana Club Selección de MaestrosGold
Rhum Agricole
CompanyProduct NameAward
Distillerie DamoiseauVery Old Rhum Damoiseau 10yo 2001 VintageMaster
Distillerie DamoiseauVery Old Rhum Damoiseau XOGold
Héritiers Crassous de MedeuilVery Old Rhum J.M 10yo 2002 VintageGold
Héritiers Crassous de MedeuilVery Old Rhum J.M XOSilver
Héritiers ClementClement Aged Rum Select BarrelSilver
Héritiers ClementVery Old Rum Clement VSOPSilver
Flavoured Rum
CompanyProduct NameAward
Casa Santana Ron y LicoresJuan Valdez Coffee-Infused 8yo RumMaster
Quintessential BrandsToussaint Coffee Rum LiqueurGold
Worthy Park EstateRum-Bar Rum Cream LiqueurGold
Spiced Rum
CompanyProduct NameAward
Fiji Rum CompanyBounty Fiji Rum Premium SpicedMaster
One Eyed SpiritsRon de Jeremy Spiced RumMaster
Bardinet SANegrita Spiced RumGold
Blavod DrinksRed Leg RumGold
William Grant & SonsSailor JerryGold
Rock SpiritsScreech 70° Spiced RumSilver
Maverick DrinksProfessor Cornelius Ampleforth’s RumbullionSilver
Maverick DrinksProfessor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Rumbullion Navy StrengthSilver
CompanyProduct NameAward
Westerhall EstateWesterhall Jack Iron RumMaster
William Grant & SonsWood’s Old Navy RumGold
Worthy Park EstateRum-Bar White OverproofSilver

     I found the results very interesting, especially where there were so many rums entered that we don't get to see here in the United States.  Rums like Havana Club, Wood's Old Navy, Toussaint Coffee Rum Liqueur, Rhum Damoiseau 10 year old, 2001 Vintage or St Nicholas Abbey Gold 10 year old.  Very impressive list and a great job was done by the judges.  ;o)