Saturday, April 30, 2016

High-Tech "Frankenstein Rum" Aged Without The Barrels

     Fans of aged alcohol may want to celebrate a big disruption in the spirits industry.   Bottles of older scotch, bourbon or rum can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but one man is changing all that with an invention he claims can produce the equivalent of a 20-year-old spirit in less than a week.

     Charleston, South Carolina, is a town that likes its carriages horse-drawn, its streets cobble-stoned and its rum barrel-aged.   So when Alex Burns recently opened the Rational Spirits distillery in Charleston, his business plan seemed a little -- well, irrational: make rum that tastes old, but without any barrels, reports CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy.   "The reason, no barrels this is because you have this machine,  our science fair project," Tracy pointed out.   He's talking about a reactor, which looks like something you might find in a bio-tech lab, not a rum factory.

     "I came across this article that says, 'Guy claims he can create 20-year-old rum in six days,' and I thought to myself 'Wow, that would solve a lot of problems! Let me check it out!'" Burns said.   The guy making that claim is Silicon Valley entrepreneur Bryan Davis.   He said he can make rum that tastes 20 years old in six days.   "That sounds too good to be true," Tracy said.   "Yeah! Yeah," Davis said, smiling. "Cool, huh?"

     When alcohol is put into a barrel, molecules in the barrel's wood called polymers break down over time.   This causes a series of chemical reactions that help give spirits such as rum, whiskey and bourbon complex flavors like smoke, leather and honey.   "The challenge was figuring out how to make those polymers degrade more rapidly. ... If we can put a man on the moon, right? We can figure out how to hack a piece of wood. I mean, it can't be that hard, right?" Davis said, laughing.

     The answer was enlightening. Davis built this reactor where wood chips soaking in rum are blasted with high intensity light, doing in six days what would take years in a barrel -- and without any artificial ingredients. The end product matches the chemical composition of a decades-old spirit.    "So the idea is that everybody can get a better bottle of rum at a better price tag," Davis said. "For the booze aging business, this technology's a tectonic shift. Everything just changed under their feet. They may not realize it yet, but it just did."

   Traditionally, only large corporations could afford the millions of dollars it costs to age booze in barrels. Now, three smaller distilleries are using Davis' reactors to get similar results, and he said 75 more want to do the same.   Rational Spirits first rum was called Santeria Rum.   Santeria Rum has also become popular with rum aficionados like chef Paul Yellin, who plans to offer Santeria at his new rum bar in Charleston.   It's the only rum less than three years old he will allow on his shelves.   "Rums are very much like human beings. Age and maturity are two different things," Yellin said.   Even if Santeria doesn't quite taste 20 years old, it is certainly wise beyond its years.   "Immediately very good," Yellin said after a taste test. "I find this very similar to about an eight-year-old rum."

In a business where waiting is the hardest part, that's a shortcut worth drinking to.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Why Do People TALK LOUDER When They Drink Alcohol?

     Alcohol may get the conversation going at a party, but as the drinks flow you'll find it harder to tune in. Dr Karl explains how alcohol affects your hearing.   You can't pinpoint it exactly, but there is an obvious change in the party mood, when people's alcohol levels reach that point where they loosen their inhibitions, and start relaxing and dancing.  The obvious clue to the alcohol taking effect is that the noise level goes up.

     Why does the party get louder when people drink more alcohol? What is the alcohol doing to the brain, and what are the flow-on effects?   Alcohol, known as ethyl alcohol it has wondrous properties.   It can remove oil stains from the garage floor, store body parts and axolotls beautifully for centuries, and in small quantities can improve your mood and self-confidence, and get the conversation flowing.  In bigger doses, the effects are less wondrous. It can interfere with your fine muscle control and your higher mental functioning, which messes with your decision making.

Alcohol Dampens Hearing

     But getting back to party mode, usually what you get is just that sudden increase in noise - thankfully!   
We're still not entirely sure as to what is going on, but it seems to involve a feedback loop. Once you have a few drinks, your sense of hearing is impaired. So when you speak, you mistakenly think that you are talking more softly than usual. To compensate, you (without even thinking about it) automatically start talking louder.   Sound information is carried from your eardrum to the central processing center inside your brain. How does alcohol affect your hearing? The simple answer is that we don't know.

     This hearing loss might be a direct toxic effect, or anaesthetic effect, or osmotic effect - or something else. We don't even know exactly what part of the hearing chain it affects.   The alcohol might be acting on your ear drum, or the muscles that can pull on the ear drum to quieten down the outside world, or the cochlea, or the acoustic nerve that carries the information into your brain, or it could be acting on that area that processes this information.  Even so, regardless of the exact pathway by which it happens, once you've had a few drinks, you hear yourself as if you are talking too quietly. And to compensate, you start talking loudly.

Men vs Women
     Interestingly, alcohol effects on hearing are different for men and for women.  In typical studies, men and women (in a double blind situation) drank juice, either with, or without, alcohol. Then, once the group drinking alcohol hit around around 0.03 per cent, their hearing was tested at six different audio frequencies running from low to high.   On average, the men would lose between two and nine decibels (dB) of hearing, while women would lose more, between five and twelve dB.   A lot of hearing was lost around the 500-1,000 Hz range - which are frequencies where a lot of speech happens. 

     But the hearing loss was different for long-term drinkers. They tended to have permanent hearing loss, and more often, at the higher frequencies.   We're not sure why.   There are many causes of hearing loss in our modern industrial world. Social drinking in the evening for most people usually happens in a noisy bar. This adds to the noise-induced hearing loss they may have picked up during the day.

     We worry about getting blind drunk. But maybe a greater concern for the inebriated, is getting deaf drunk ...

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Puerto Angel Rum From the Mountains of Mexico

     Puerto Angel Rum has been Launched in the USA market in summer of 2015, Puerto Angel Organic Rum is a USDA Organic rum, distilled from the freshly squeezed cane juice at the Krassel family-owned distillery producing some of the finest artisanal spirits.  The family opened the distillery in 1938, and established their own sugarcane plantation in the high levels of the Oaxaca Mountains, Mexico. 
     "We are thrilled that the exceptional quality of Puerto Angel rum has been recognized and validated by the esteemed industry experts. These accolades will be instrumental in developing distribution channels and creating consumer awareness," says Marina  Wilson, the President of Double Eagle Imports Ltd. "We are well positioned now to start building the brand in the U.S. market, and we hope that discerning buyers will equally appreciate Puerto Angel's unique, exotic flavor profile and it's exquisite presentation highlighting the product's provenance, and it's artisanal nature."
     Puerto Angel Rum comes to us two expressions: Blanco, spending 6 months in new natural uncharred oak barrels to mellow the rum, then filtered to remove the color.   Amber has a straw hue that has been barrel-aged in new uncharred oak barrels for 3 years.   Both of the rums spend about 7 days in the fermentation tank before it is sent to the pot still with a double rectifier for distillation.  Puerto Angel Rums are some of those fine natural rums that is a real tribute to the industry.  Craft rums like Puerto Angel just make me feel good about tasting and enjoying fine quality spirits.
The label tell the whole story of these wonderful rums.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Kayaking Bahia Honda Key

     The kayak has opened up a whole new world to us.  It allows us to silently move around on the water and see such a multitude of sights that would normally not be seen at all.   Once the kayak is in the water and we load our "stuff" on board we just start  pedaling and away we go.

     The efficiency of the vessel as it glides through the water with a minimum of effort means that you can travel for miles and just enjoy the scenery.  Today we headed to the west from the Bahia Honda Marina and wet to see the other end of Bahia Honda Bay.  The ocean side is a bit rough today, 2 to 4 foot seas and the wind from the south east at 13 miles per hour, it is time to leave bravery behind and head toward the lea side in the Gulf of Mexico.     Never knowing what you will come upon as ou move through the waters, the adventure of the day never disappoints.

     Today was a great example of all that goes on in the oceans.  We started off in some pretty rough water as the tides were coming in between the bridges and the wind blowing at a pretty stiff blow.  After clearing the highway bridge and getting into the Gulf, things settled down and we got to see a school of Tarpon jumping and stirring up the water to the north side of the bridge.  Continuing to the west, there is a place called the "Horseshoe" where a lot of divers go to enjoy the deep water without the worry of boats.   Along the edge of the "horseshoe", there are several shallows that are loaded with marine life like the Barracuda and small reef shark that we ran across there.

     The mangroves are also very interesting in that area, the provide shelter for a number of birds, butterflies, and other marine life there.   Kayaking give you an opportunity to ease up on so many things that would have been long gone in any other type of vessel.  Fortunately we do have a kayak of our own, but they can be rented from the marina and you can discover all of the exciting things that mother nature has to offer throughout Bahia Honda State Park.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Introducing Ron Cartavio Black Barrel

     Cartavio has just introduced a new Ron Cartavio Black Barrel Rum.  I was working with it today and found it to have a lot of really good characteristics for mixing as well as a really fine sipping rum.   I was looking for a semi sweet cocktail for an evening on the aft deck watching the sunset and came up with this one.

     The flavors of this cocktail will make your evening flow out in a smooth flowing tide of pleasure.   Makes your evening settle into the seal just like a great Key West sunset.

Old Key West
  • 2 oz. Ron Cartavio Black Barrel Rum
  • 3/4 oz. Agave Nectar
  • 2 dashes Angostura Bitters

Place all ingredients into a shaker half filled with ice and shake until chilled.  Strain into an “old fashion glass” filled with ice.  Garnish with a lime wedge.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Pusser's Rum Gunpowder Proof

      Pusser’s ‘Gunpowder Proof’ is a traditional British Navy style rum produced at original Admiralty strength and in accordance with the Admiralty’s blending recipe last used when the Royal Navy discontinued its daily ration on 31 July 1970.
     “Gunpowder Proof”, prior to the invention of the hydrometer, the ship’s purser shutdown claims of watering down sailors’ daily tot by mixing a few grains of gunpowder to the rum to see if it would burn. If the mixture ignited, the rum was ‘at proof.’ If it didn’t, the purser might find himself tossed to sea.

     Presented at Gunpowder Proof, 54.5% ABV, this rum is dark coppery amber rum that sends pungent notes of molasses, toffee, honey, spices and oak.  Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof is full bodied rum with a solid flavor profile and a long smooth mellow finish inspite of the overproof status of the rum.

   Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof Rum is scheduled for release in the United States in May of 2016.  This is an expression that you really need to try.  Despite its 109 proof, is very sipable and mixes well in most any cocktail including a Gunpowder Pain Killer.     

Sunday, April 24, 2016

One Great Week of Rumming at the Miami Rum Festival at the DoubleTree Miami Airport

     Another wonderful week of rum, ron and rhum tasting at the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival has come and gone.  The festival was a very big success with a good number of very special producers here showing their expressions for all of those who follow the spirits of the cane.

     Thanks to the beautiful DoubleTree Miami Airport for providing such a fine venue for the event and fabulous service and very comfortable rooms.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Journey to Premium Agricole with Damoiseau XO

     Agricole Rhum is not for everyone, it is very different from "industrial rums" in many ways.  Among them is a very different taste and aroma.  Agricole Rhums are made to very restrictive set of  rules compared to the "no rules" other that it must me made from a derivative of sugarcane for "industrial rums".

     Premium Agricole rhums like Damoiseau XO still follows the rule of the AOC in making their rums, but they have learned to age these rhums in such a manner that they are extremely flavorful and smooth with a wonderful slow fading finish.  Damoiseau XO has a really beautiful dark brown color, it’s nose reveals light chocolate notes followed by caramel, vanilla and hints of dried fruits.   Well balanced on the palate that brings forth flavors of spices followed by traces of caramel.    You will notice notes of roasted grains and vanilla in the back of your throat as it finishes.

     Next time you are out and about and have the opportunity to give this fine expression a try, don't miss the opportunity,  I have to admit that enjoying Agricoles has been a process for me, but this one is just plain fabulous.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Rhum Clément Names the Ti’ Punch Cup Champion


     Located in Le Francois – Martinique, Habitation Clément is the birthplace of Rhum Agricole and carries the culture of an ancient Créole sugarcane plantation rich with French West Indian history, which has been completely refurbished by the Hayot family to remain a Martiniquean cultural icon for centuries.  Formerly known as Domaine de l’Acajou, Habitation Clément welcomes thousands of tourists every year who come to discover old world and new world Créole culture. Many people spend peaceful time touring the botanical gardens or visiting where Rhum Clément has been made for more than 125 years, and no one leaves without a special bottle for their home bar.
     Since 1887, the production of Rhum Clément has been carried out according to the purest traditions and most time-honored inherited from Homère and Charles Clément.  
     More than 1,400 people packed the Habitation Clément site to watch the global final on 11 March.   The agricole rhum brand, which is distilled in Martinique, selected finalists from 10 different countries following regional heats in France, the UK, the US, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Denmark, Martinique, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

A total of 17 international bartenders descended on Martinique last month for the first ever Ti’ Punch Cup cocktail competition hosted by Rhum Clément.

Dirk Hany was crowned winner of the Rhum Clément Ti’ Punch Cup cocktail competition

      Battling his way to victory was bartender Dirk Hany, head bartender at The Widder Bar in Zurich, who triumphed to take home the first ever Ti’ Punch Cup trophy.   The competition will return for its second year in 2017. Further details can be found at

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Marauda Steel Pan Rum

     Marauda Steel Pan Rum is a very bold blend of rums from across the Caribbean.   Made up of 3 year old rums from column stills at Angostura in Trinidad, pot still Demerara rum from Guyana, and Jamaican pot still rum.  The rum is blended with nothing else added to change the color or the flavor.

    Marauda Steel Pan is an honest dry rum that has a funky, complex, smooth flavor that finishes with that classic Jamaican pot still bold finish.   These three rums are really great together, with its beautiful golden color and delicate, elegant and earthy aroma.   You get an aroma of caramelized walnuts, roasted bananas, and brown spices, while on the tongue bananas, wood and vanilla.

    Marauda Rum is owned by Robert Elliott of New York, and currently distributed in New York, Delaware, Maryland and Washington DC.  The rum retails at $35.00 a bottle and presented in 750 ml
at 40% abv.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Botran Rum Signs Exclusive US Distribution Deal

Botran Rum has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Shaw-Ross International Importers in the US to “increase visibility” of the brand.

     Shaw-Ross’ focuses initially on three Botran expressions: Botran Solera, which is a blend of rum aged up for up to 18 years; Botran Reserva, which is made of rums aged up to 15 years; and Botran Reserva Blanca, a white rum aged in white American oak for three years.   “At our core, we are still a small, family company, and as we expand our footprint, we want to do it as organically as possible,” said Jaime Botran, president of Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala, the parent company and producers of Botran Rum.
     “We feel that Shaw-Ross has the potential to help our brand reach more premium rum drinkers across the US.  “We’re very excited about our new alliance.”
     Botran Rum will also continue working with Emilio Estefan, who became the face of the brand back in 2014,and features in ‘The Night Begins with Botran’ campaign.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mezan Guyana Rum

     Mezan is one of the unique brands of rum in the world of rum.  It out sources all of its rums from some of the finest distilleries around.  The rum is then aged 8 years at the distillery in the Caribbean before it is brought to England for the resting of the rum to be completed.  Mezan does not cold filter or put any additives or coloring to their rums.   Mezan does all their rums in small batches, usually around 3000 bottles of each expression.   Currently they have three different expressions on the market, Panama 2006, Jamaica XO, and Guyana 2005.

Diamond Distillery Wooden Pot Still

     Mezan Guyana 2005 is made at the Diamond Distillery in Guyana in the Double Wooden Pot Still.  The distillery is very unique in that it is an operational museum.  The wooden pot stills there are nearly 300 years old and the only operational ones of their kind still in use.

     The flavor of this rum is exceptional, which I found to be a surprise
because of its light color.  What you get when you sit it is all naturally coming from the barrels that is was rested in.  This does have interesting flavor because you pick up some green pepper notes as you sip this one.  The big pot still flavor comes through and a flavor that can't be made any other place in the world.  The double pot still lends itself to a one of a kind expression.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Bacardi Rereleasing Havana Club in US

In the midst of its heated battle over the Havana Club rum trademark, Bacardi is preparing to roll out a new iteration of the rum brand from Puerto Rico in the US.

Bacardi declined to comment for the story, but a quick TTB COLA search revealed the range will include an Anejo Blanco and Anejo Clasico. HC Blanco is aged for one year while Clasico is aged for one to three years. WSD has learned it is scheduled to launch regionally in June, followed by a wider rollout later in the year.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

2016 RumXP Awards Announced

2016 RumXP Award Winners
and Consumer Rum Jury Awards
20016 RumXP Judging Panel

Producers Awaiting Award Announcements
White Rums
Best In Class

Bayou Silver

Blue Chair Bay
Pito Rico Elite
Don Q Cristal
Ron Cartavio Silver

Premiun White Rums
Best In Class
Puerto Angel

Plantation 3 Star
Skotlander Rum VI
Koloa White

Gold Rum
Best In Class
Siesta Key Gold

Wicked Dolphin
Puerto Angel Amber
Don Q Gold
Koloa Gold


Spiced Rum
Best In Class
Siesta Key Spiced

Siesta Key Distillers Solara
Bayou Spiced
Siesta Key Limited Edition Spiced
Koloa Spiced

Flavored Rum
Best In Class
Koloa Coffee

Plantation Stiggin’s Fancy
Don Q Pasion
Blue Chair Bay Banana
Koloa Coconut

Overproof Rum
Best In Class
Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof

Pito Rico 106
Don Q 151
Gunroom 130 Proof
Skotlander 123.2

Black Rums
Best In Class
Wicked Dolphin Black

Koloa Black
Aged Rum (No Age Statement)
Best In Class
Bayou Select

Don Q Anejo
Marauda Steel Pan
Plantation Original Dark

Aged Rum (5 to 7 Years)
Best In Class
Ron Duran 7

Plantation 5
Cartavio 5

Aged Rum (9 to 15 Years)
Best In Class
Yolo Gold

Cartavio Solera 12
Ron Duran 12
Panama Pacific 9

Aged Rum (Older than 15 Years)
Best In Class
Pusser’s 15yr

Panama Pacific 23


Premium Aged Rum
Best In Class
Plantation 20th Anniversary

Plantation Grand Anejo
Santeria Rum
Don Q Gran Anejo
Fwago Single Barrel

Vintage Aged Rum
Best In Class
Mezan Jamaica 2000

Plantation Jamaica 2001
Plantation St. Lucia 2004
Mezan Panama 2006
Don Q 2005
Mezan Guyana 2005

The Judging Table

Rhum Agricole (Unaged)
Best In Class
La Mauny Ter Rouj

Trios Rivières Cuvee du Moulin
Isautier Blanc
La Mauny Blanc

Rhum Agricole (Aged)
Best In Class
Trois Rivières VSOP

Isautier Vieux Louis & Charles
Isautier Vieux 7yr
La Mauny XO

Cachaca ( Unaged)
Best In Class
Weber Haus

Germana Ultra Premium
Germana Palha
Novo Fogo Silver
Lundu Silver

Cachaca (Aged)
Best In Class
Sebastiana Single barrel

Novo Fogo 2yr Oak
Sebastiana 3yr Double Barrel
Middas Carvalho
Germana Caetano’s 

Consumer Jury
Best In Class
Siesta Key Toasted Coconut

Koloa Coffee
Plantation Pineapple
Pussers 15

Koloa Coconut
Duran 12
Mezan Panama 2005
La Mauny Spiced
Koloa Dark
Don Q Signature Release 2005

Dzama Rhum Nosy Be 104
Balcones Texas Rum
Panama Pacific 9
Puerto Angel Blanco
Fwago White
Trois Rivières Cuvee Du Moulin
Blue Chair Bay White


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Grand Tasting Opens For Members of the Industry

     Friday is the beginning of the Grand Tastings.  The doors open at 1:00 pm and close at 6:00 pm.  Friday is a day for the people in the spirits industry to make contact with the producers of the fine rums that have become available for distribution to all of the liquor stores and bars.

     One part of the show this year is the International Exposition for Rum.   The hosts of the 2016 Miami Rum Festival are inviting members of the spirits and beverage trade to their International Trade Exposition for Rum, running concurrently with the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival.   

     The Miami Rum Renaissance Festival features  three-days of the Grand Tasting Exhibition where participants can sample hundreds of fine rums from the Caribbean and beyond. Discover the finest rums from more than 30 countries, from each category and from each notable brand.  The addition of  the VIP Tasting Bar provides a select number of luxury, vintage and limited edition rums offering a new level of excitement for serious rum enthusiasts during the Grand Tasting hours.  There is more that enough for any enthusiast to keep very busy for the seven hours of the event. 

     It is fun arriving early and watching the event come together.  Watching the booths being assembled and everybody carrying all of their bottles and decorations in from outside.  It is like watching a small city being built right before your eyes.

     The awards from the RumXP Tasting Competition were announced after the door close to the public and the judges and the rum producers get to share the awards ceremony.  This is just as exciting for the judges as it is for the producers, because the judges don't know how the results have tallied up until they are announced.  I will have the complete run down on Sunday of all the winners.


      The fine people at Bayou Rum closed the evening with a trip for all of the judges to the Broken Shaker on Miami Beach.  This was a great meeting place with the usual fine atmosphere and the great cocktails created from Bayou Rums.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Final Day of Judging and Three Great Meetings

     Today is the final day of judging rum, two sessions that include Agricole and Cachaca.  We hae three great meetings with Mezan Rum, Doc Brown's Really Bad Rum and the evening by the pool with Plantation raps the day up.

     Our first meeting is breakfast with Mezan Rums - Our Niche.  Warren Bobrow, a writer, barman, and in a previous life a banker, is our spokesman for Mezan Rums.   Mezan is a collection of rums that are brought to you in their original untouched condition.  These are rums that are aged by the distillery for 8 years and then brought to England and the final aging is completed in the cool atmosphere of England.  This is a small batch product, the Guyana 2005 and the Panama 2006, there are only 3,000 bottles made and the Jaimaca XO, the only blended rum in the line.   This expression  is blended from rums ranging from 4 to 23 years old from Long Pond Estate, Worthy Park Estate, Monymusk Plantation,and Hampton Estate Distilleries in Jamaica.

     These are very unique in the rum world because of the way that they are made.  There are no additives, coloring or anything else added.  The rums are dropped to their 40 % ABV and bottled.  This is what gives these rums their very natural rum flavor and the funkiness of a somewhat "raw" rum.   All of the flavors that you taste are a result of the time spent in used bourbon barrels that they are rested in before bottling.

     The Guyana 2005 Rum is made at the Diamond Distillery in the wooden double pot still.  The Diamond Distillery is a living museum if you will, the equipment is ancient, but still making rum in the way it was made nearly 300 years ago.   This is a true classic rum in the tradition of the early rum makers.

     The Panama 2005 is produced in a multiple column still distillery that can not be named because of contractual agreements.  This distillery grows its own sugarcane for both its Aguardiente and rum.  They also have their own proprietary yeast that give their products their very special flavors.

     Session 5 of the judging is next on the agenda, this session is dedicated exclusively to Cachaca.  Cachaca is a very unique spirit that comes only from Brazil.  It is sort of the "bourbon" of the sugarcane spirits in that it can not be called Chacaca unless it is made in Brazil.  This is a spirit that has come into the forefront as a result of the World Cup Soccer Championships that were held in Brazil a few years back.  These are very different from most of the rums that you come across elsewhere in the world, but do have some very enjoyable flavors.

     Doc Brown's Really Bad Rum is our host for the lunch meeting. This is a rum from America's traditional home of the rum business, Billerica, Massachusetts.  Doc Brown's Really Bad Rum gets its name from a 16th century sailor and elixir maker that made elixir's that would cure anything and based on rum.   Today Doc Brown's is producing "Really Bad Rum Cake, Bar B Que Sauce, and rum. All of these are well done and very tasty.  The Dark Rum was their first, a very rich, sweet and smoky, with notes of orange.  The White is a basic honest white rum with nothing added.  Clean and perfect for creating your favorite cocktails.  The third is a spiced rum, based on a two year old rum with notes of vanilla, pepper, honey and clove.  Good balance and not over done.

     Doc Brown's Rums will be great as they become available in more places.  They are actively searching out distributors so they can be gotten in more places.  Their BBQ sauce and rum cakes are really bad good as well.

     The final session of judging is dedicated to 17 agricoles, six were unaged, 7 aged and 2 flavored,   This was a fun and really enjoyable session.   Agricole are rums that follow the very strict French rules for rum making.  Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) is the French set of rules that must be adhered to when making Rhum Agricole.   They are made from pure blue sugarcane juice and are fermented, distilled and aged according to AOC rules. These are what are known as agricultural Rhum and have a very unique flavor that is often an acquired taste.  Once you get use to the aromas and flavors they are exceptional expressions.
2016 RumXP Judging Panel

Rocky and the Plantation Line of fine Rums

St. Lucia 2005 and Gran Anejo
     Our Final meeting of the day is with Guillaume Lamy and the Plantation Rums from Cognac Ferrand from Cognac, France.  We got to taste the illusive Plantation St. Lucia 2005 and their new Gran Anejo a blend of rums from Guatemala and Belize.     All of the regular suspects were there as well, making the Plantation meeting was the great experience that it always is.  A special thanks to Guillaume, Pancho and Rocky for making the meeting such an enjoyable one.