Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stay in Bed Morning in Key West

     Thunder and lightning is dominating my Tuesday morning here in Key West.   It is one of those days that you really don't want to leave the boat at all.  But I grabbed a large trash bag and did my best homeless impression and walked down the docks in the rain to the office.   Things are improving, but still pretty stormy yet.   Based on the radar, it should be gone by 10 or 11 this morning yielding us with a nice partly cloudy rest of the day.

    I love to sit in the helm of the boat and look out during these thunder storms.   it is the perfect place to enjoy the exciting show of mother natures forces as the bolts of lightning dance through the clouds.   This morning it was just flashes of light as the lightning was fairly far off.  The cracks of thunder were plenty loud enough though.  I'm still hearing claps of thunder to the south of us as the storm starts to move off. 

    The boat is rocking gently in the winds, while the rain running off of the top and down the sides of the windows.  Sitting in the captain's chair, I can feel the gusts of wind hitting the side of the boat and moving it around in the slip.   Sitting nearly 20 feet above the water this is a really neat feeling as the boat's rocking from side to side is exaggerated by the height of my seat.  

    I've really procrastinated as long as I can, I really need to get up to the office and get writing.  Going to get a little wet on the way, but this too will pass.   They, the "elusive they" promise better weather this afternoon so I can get out on the dinghy for lunch at the Hurricane Hole.  I guess the rain is necessary to keep the tropical paradise growing and happy.  ;o)