Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hemingwway Days in Key West


    This week we are celebrating Ernest Hemingway's 114th birthday, Sunday July 21st, with the crowning of the new
Hemingway look-a-like at Sloppy Joe's.   During the week there will be several events
including Hemingway Granddaughter Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition.   There is a museum exhibition of Hemingway memorabilia, a there day Marlin Fishing Tournament, and the Key West rendition of the San Fermin Festival Running of the Bulls.    

    The Hemingway years in Key West were some very productive years with his Wife Pauline and three sons Jack, George and Patrick.  He wrote  "Farewell to Arms" and several other books while in Key West and started "For Whom the Bell Tolls" which was published in 1940.   He spent from the winters from 1928 through 1939 in Key West before moving to Finca la Vigia just outside of Havana.

     This week promises as usual to be a rollicking crazy week that Hemingway brought to the island when he and his "Mafia" were partying and fishing her back in the 30's.   It is a week to participate and not a spectator, come down and join in all of the fun.   You can stop by the Rum Bar and have a "Papa Pilar" rum, the one that is made in the style of his life.

   Today is the start of four days without Internet access available, so there will be some blogs that were written in advance to keep the daily stories  happening. ;o)