Saturday, November 23, 2013

Judging the Rums

So much rum, so little time
    The trip to Grenada is about judging the rums for the Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival.   This is a lot of fun being with some of my close, but far away rum friends.   This is a task that all of us  take very serious and do with the dedication that the rum producers put into the products that they produce.   Some are very good and others are not so much.   Either way each rum deserves the same level of evaluation.  It is a lot easier to examine the fine aged rums, but the whites, over proofs and flavored rums deserve the same attention.  

     The job requires us to taste all 63 of the presented rums and evaluate the first the same way that we do the last one.   The consumption of water and bland water crackers in between tastes to cleanse the palate and give the stomach something to absorb some the alcohol slowing its travel to the brain.    These were tasted over a 4 and a half hour period, and an 45 minute lunch break en between,   Fortunately, the over proof rums were saved for the end, they can really take a toll if they are consumed too early in the tasting.

Can you feel all of the stress?
    The tasting completed and it is time for the reveal, where we get to see how the rums did and what rums you thought that you may not have liked actually scored well in a blind tasting.   There were several new rums that I have not had the opportunity to try in the past that were quite exceptional,  The result of the CAB Tasting were released last night and I will have them as soon as they are published.  All in all this was a very well run and organized tasting with a smooth flow from one category of rum to the next.  Hats off to Cheryl Collymore and Bonnie Giordan and the entire crew of the CAB Tasting for their handling of the tasting event
The Knowledgeable Judging Panel

    The beauty of Grenada and the friend that make this event so wonderful will, with any luck bring me back next year for this event again.    You also might want to think about scheduling a Grenada vacation to coincide with this event.  It makes a really exciting tin=me exploring the island's many interesting places and sights.  ;o)