Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Governor's Reserve Dark Rum: Cayman Island Rum

Governor's Reserve Dark Rum
Pot and Column Combination Still
     The Cayman Island Spirits Company in Georgetown, Cayman Islands is responsible for the entire line of Governor's Reserve Rums  a line of really nice though young rums. An exceptionally smooth rum, boasting a mellow hint of molasses and a slightly fruity flavor that lingers long after the flavorful finish.   Though the rum is currently only available in the Cayman Islands, it has the potential of growth and distribution outward to other places. 

     The Governor's Reserve line includes a Blood Orange, Spiced, White, and the Dark Rum.   It's famous sister rum, Seven Fathom Rum, aged in the warm Caribbean Sea is hopefully headed to the United States in the very near future. 

    Though this is a line of inexpensive runs, the value and flavor is extraordinary and deserves your attention.  The distillate, fresh from the still is some of the sweetest and smoothest that I have ever tasted.  It is made from a blend of sugar cane juice and molasses fermented and distilled in a combination Column and pot still.   The results are very nice even though it has not been aged for any long period of time.

     On your next visit to the Cayman Islands, make some time to go by the Cayman Island Spirits Company  take the tour and taste the fine line of local rums.  ;o)