Friday, February 26, 2016

The New Angostura No.1 is Finally Available in the U.S.

Angostura No. 1 Second Edition
     Americans are now able to enjoy the exquisite flavors of the newest of the Angostura No. 1 Cask Series Collection.   This is the second expression released in the series.  This one is finished in French Oak Casks.  This is the first Angostura Rum to be finished in French Oak Casks.

Angostura No. 1 First Edition
     This new expression with it's purple colored label has a fruity aroma compared to the more nutty and oaky aromas of the first one version which was aged exclusively in American Oak Casks previously filled with bourbon.   On the palate, you taste flavors of dried fruit, nuttiness and a hint of floral.  This is a medium bodied rum much like the original one,   This expression has a very dry finish with a very soft fading away, where the original had a much shorter finish wit hints of chocolate and fruit.

     Both of these wonderful rums are wonderful, but quite different.  The effects of the different barrels is defiantly noticeable.   There are very few of the original Angostura No 1 left around and I doubt that these will last very long either.  I enjoyed this at the Rum Bar in Key West on Sunday and they do have a good supply for you to give it a try.