Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Few Tidbits

     Today doesn't hold anything that can fill a post, so it is going to be a "Post-Tidbits".
The Rum Bar received it's first bottle of "Bacardi Oakheart" yesterday and it has been greeted with very warm reviews from all of the customers that tried it in our special cocktail of the day, Oakheart & Ginger.     Many of the customers liked it just to sip, and that is very unusual for a spiced rum.    This is going to be a winner for Bacardi and us at the Rum Bar as well.

     I'm still waiting for the arrival of my other two new spiced rums, "Siesta Key Spiced" from Drum Circle, and "Black Roberts" from Florida Caribbean Rum Distillery, there seems to be a communication problem at the distribution level somewhere.    I have tasted both of these new rums and I'm excited about getting them on the shelf for the Rum Bar's customer enjoyment.

     Tomorrow I'll be back in the Rum Lab doing some research wit a very nice new rum that I've come across recently call Vizcaya Cask 12.    This has proved to be a very tantalizing rum that warrants some more research with.    It is good enough to sip, but the price allows you to use it as a mixer as well.   I feel that the flavors will work well with several different mixes and hopefully we will be able to yield some new cocktails with this rum tomorrow.

     That should just about cover all the "Post-Tidbits" for today.     It is funny that here in Key West in the Summer it is more difficult to come up with many really worthwhile stories like the spring, fall and winter provide.    ;o)