Thursday, December 6, 2012

Looking Forward fo Mexican Rums

     Saturday Morning I'm off to Mexico for a week's vacation.  That is right a vacation, but one of my favorite things to do while relaxing is the pursuit of new native rums.   Mexico, although known for its Tequila, produces some very nice rums.   My last visit there I found Mocambo, a very nice rum that was very inexpensive, but possessed some extremely good attributes.    I brought a bottle of the Mocambo 20 year old rum home and enjoyed it as I traveled around the uninhabited keys to my north and west while drifting through the mangroves.

     This year, it is another week on the Yucatan peninsula and the search for new rum continues.     In the province of Veracruz , the Villanueva family has been producing fine spirits for three generations. the town of Cordoba, has been famous for it's sugar cane and it's both the juice and molasses of this local cane that goes into the small batch production Los Valientes rums.    The slow fermented juice of the Veracruz cane is double distilled in pot-stills, with only the heart is taken from the second distillation, then blended with column distilled, fast fermented, molasses from the same crop.
 This is one that I will have to look for on this trip, Veracruz is North of Cancun, but I'll bet that I can find the Rum somewhere in the area.

Though the Yucatan area is known primarily for producing beer, rum and a local liqueur called Xtabentun, in Mérida by the Aristi family.   All of these rums I find interesting especially where they are being produced in the area that I will be enjoying my vacation.   Oh yes I did say that this was a vacation.  I guess that that means that I will have to just look for the rums of the Yucatan and buy them in a liquor store and just sit on the veranda overlooking the Caribbean and enjoy them.   I guess that I can settle for that instead of traipsing all over the country side and trying to get tot the distillery.   
     All kidding aside, Mexico does produce very fine rum, even though it is not that well known in America, the product is very nice.   Remember that Bacardi also produces rum in Mexico.  Two of their better rums Ron Solera and Bacardi Anejo are both produced in Cuautitlan, in metropolitan Mexico City.  The building thee is another of the famous Bacardi Buildings of the world.   I do wander sometimes, but I'm really looking forward to my vacation and I will have new adventures in to report and new rums to enjoy.   I'll bring you the results of the quests for new rums as I find them.  ;o)