Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Mount Gay 1703 Master Select Arrived

     After being gone for two weeks, what a wonderful surprise to come home to.  I just love my friends in the rum industry.  Since it's launch in 2009, Mount Gay 1703 Master Select has been the an annual batch of rum that is made to honor the brand's beginning on February 20, 1703.

     This is an annual expression of that is made to showcase the best of the rums that come from Mount Gay's experience and abilities to make fine ultra premium rum.    The most important ingredient in this rum is time, according to Allen Smith, the master blender at Mount Gay.   The 2017 release, of which there will be 12,000 bottles, will be available  worldwide.  You will be able to find them in the premium liquor stores and will be priced at approximately $150.00.

     This is the culmination of of a lot of time in barrels and blended from rums ranging from 10 to 30 years of age.   Allen Smith was tasked with the job of selecting and blending the rums from Mount Gay's collection of reserves of their oldest rums.  It took years of monitoring rums from their finest reserves to create the balance of flavors achieved in this expression.   Made from rums created in the Copper Column and pot stills, revealing a smooth and wonderful flavor that can only be achieved with time.

     The rum's first impression hits you as you look at the bottle and see the deep rich mahogany color followed by the subtle aromas of toasted oak with notes of caramel.   On the palate, there is a roundness of flavors and I detect notes again of the toasted oak, with a bit of pepper and caramel held together with a subtle sweetness that immediately dries at the finish.  The finish is smooth and long lasting dry finish that leaves you smiling.  This is definitely a fine ultra- premium rum and worth the money you pay for it.  presented at 43% abv enhancing the flavors.

     Presented in a new bottle and label definitely fitting of the rum inside.   This rum will be available in the United States, Barbados, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zeland, France and many of the duty free outlets throughout the world.  It was released on February 23, 2017, it won't last long in the stores with only 12,000 bottles made, so get your soon befor it is gone.