Monday, November 7, 2011

Denizen Premium Rum Draws Them in at the Rum Bar Last Thursday

     The Rum Bar was packed Thursday afternoon with rum aficionado's to taste the Denizen Premium Rum.     The five Rum Lab cocktails available for the tasting brought rave reviews for the Denizen Rum by the patrons.     These tastings are great for the rum lovers to try the rums being featured and to have a good time in the atmosphere of the event as well.

     Denizen pulled the crowd in for the second time at the Rum Bar and this time as a part of the "20th Annual Meeting of the Minds", the Jimmy Buffett Fan Clubs convention in  Key West.     Those who stopped by found the Denizen to be a great cocktail rum that blended very well in the cocktails and brought out a special flavor that they really enjoyed.

     The next time that you go to the store for a premium cocktail rum, remember to try Denizen, you won't be disappointed.   ;o)
Day 2 starts off watching the sunrise over St. John.     The stress is gone, and it is time to sit down and start recalling the adventures of yesterday.     We hung around the condo and enjoyed a good breakfast on the patio looking out over Water Bay toward St. John and watching the pelicans diving into the water after fish.   This was a real fascinating site to see.   I’m not used to seeing pelicans that are hunters rather than scavengers like they are in the fishing marinas at home.   

     It’s lunch time and we are off to Iggy’s Beach Bar and Grill in Bolongo Bay.   Our friends Lauren and Jack who are bartenders in Key West and formerly worked at Iggy’s said that we had to stop by for some really great food and drink.     We were not disappointed, the scenery, service, food and the drinks were wonderful.    I even had a bushwhacker in a souvenir mug that I can’t wait to display on the boat when I get back home.     You don’t want to miss a visit to Iggy’s if you come to St. Thomas.    

     A visit to a close friend at his boat at the Industrial Boatyard.   Caringa’s the hole in the wall restaurant and bar in the boatyard was a perfect place to have a cocktail and catch up on the happenings on the island over the past two years.     A couple of drinks later we had covered the news of the island and the family on the mainland.      It was great to see him again.

Three Rummys chillin'
     Next it’s off to Megan’s Bay on the Northeast side of the island for some beach time and some swimming.    The life guard whistled that the day had come to an end so we watched the sun set and headed back to the condo for some eats and cocktails.

Tonight's get together is about planning tomorrow’s boat trip to Virgin Gorda to visit Saba Rock and the Bitter End Yacht Club.      Then it is back around Beef Island to Trellis Bay.     Next we journey around the North side of Tortola to Cane Garden Bay and the Callwood Distillery, the oldest continuously operating  rum distillery in the world,  and Stanley’s Welcome Bar that claims to serve the cheeseburger that gave Jimmy Buffett the idea for his song “Cheeseburger in Paradise”.       After checking back into the USVI on St. John it is back to ST. Thomas for the night and see what is on the night.     ;o).