Thursday, November 9, 2017

OUTFRONT Media to Promote Gosling’s Historic Handcrafted Rum

     OUTFRONT Media Inc, announced today a new partnership with Goslings Rum for the company's new out-of-home advertising campaign, which will highlight Goslings handcrafted, award-winning rum. 
     The billboard, reading "HAND CRAFTED ENJOYMENT IN A BOTTLE," highlights the fact that every drop of Goslings Rum has been created and blended by hand in Bermuda by their Master Blender, Ken Simons. The billboard features a bottle of the award-winning Black Seal Rum and the trademarked Dark 'n Stormy® cocktail with a can of Goslings own stormy ginger beer.
     The campaign is visible throughout New York City around high foot traffic areas in lower Manhattan. It has been running since October and will be concluding in December.  In the digital age of automated production and robotic factories, Goslings Rum proudly publicizes that it is behind the times, which is part of its old-fashioned appeal. Its historic methods for hand crafting rum are working well. Goslings flagship, Goslings Black Seal, captured Beverage Tasting Institute's coveted Platinum Medal, the highest honor bestowed in the spirits industry (rated "96 Points, Superlative"), and the "Stormy" Ginger Beer is the number one selling ginger beer in America.

Malcolm Gossling
     "It's basically how we've been doing it since the early 1800's. The recipe is secret and little has changed. Well, except for the equipment we use to ensure quality control," said Malcolm Gosling, 7th generation President & CEO of Gosling's International Limited. "My five-time great grandfather, James Gosling, arrived in Bermuda from England in 1806 to start a small spirits business. As it grew, he refused to cut corners to accelerate production. Likewise did his descendants. That's why our slogan today is, 'For seven stubborn generations.' Because what it all comes down to is we're really selling quality enjoyment in a bottle. We just believe the way to get there is slowly, by hand."