Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday is Back

    The weekend has slipped away again, and it is a back to work Monday for so many of you.    For me every morning is a back to work morning, so what  day it isn't really that important.  The price of a seven day a week blog.    Don't let this day get you down, it could be very worse.  You might be in a situation where your job has been deleted or you are no longer able to work.   I look at Monday as an opportunity for a new adventure, a chance to expose myself to some new information or events.   I'm convinced that attitude is three quarters of how that you feel about things.  If you find yourself looking at things from the plus side instead of the minus side it is amazing how much easier a difficult task before you becomes.

    If you look at the sky and see clouds that is what you will operate in, but if you look at the sky and see the sunshine through the clouds, that will brighten up your entire day.   I guess that is what I like so much about photography, you can take a picture of gray and see color if you look hard enough.   Bringing the color out of gray is the coolest thing in the world.  You find your smile growing just like the color in the picture.  Focus on the things that bring a smile to your face then your day quickly becomes brighter and the day's chores go by much faster while your mood and attitude become more rosy.

    That is about enough crazy rantings from a old bartender, just keep looking for the pluses instead of the minuses, your day will go by faster and you will find yourself enjoying what you are doing a lot more.  Just keep looking, the color is  becoming more radiant while gray seems to disappear with the passing of a little bit of time.   ;o)