Saturday, September 3, 2016

Home is Proving to be the Most Dangerous Place to be Drinking Alcoholic Beverages

     An interesting study done by the University of England showed that the most dangerous place to be drinking alcoholic beverages is in your home.  I can see this especially if a party with a lot of booze is being consumed and people start falling down stairs, or tripping over furniture.  It seems that most of the injuries are a result of assaults rather than accidents.  The results make sense, because they have a solid control of the crowds at most drinking establishments that is completely lacking at home bars.

     Drinking alcohol at home is the most dangerous place to enjoy a beverage.   New research from the University of England discovered 36 per cent of alcohol-induced injuries happened at home while just 13 per cent of injuries happened on the street and 10 per cent in licensed venues.   Professor Kim Usher from the School of Health believed media made people believe most injuries happened at pubs and clubs rather than at home.

     Kim Usher said, "This study shows that the home is a place of danger when drinking. It appears more people especially the younger ones are drinking at home, because it is cheaper than going out. We hope health policy makers are looking at strategies to address this issue, as it is becoming the drinking location of choice and increasingly the site for alcohol-related injuries". 

    The research found people were injured most on weekends around midnight.   "An injury due to an assault is 84 per cent more likely to happen in the home compared to other locations.   Of all the alcohol-related injuries, the most frequent body region to sustain an injury was the head, neck or face".     "The study showed women with alcohol-related injuries were most likely to have sustained that injury in the home than at a licensed venue, with 59 per cent of those injuries reported to be the result of domestic violence by a partner."

     This was an interesting study with some surprising conclusions.  I guess that I can understand the issues of domestic violence when heavy drinking gets involved, but I personally have seen more accident type of injuries at home base parties.   Good article and well worth the time to read it.