Saturday, October 8, 2016

Feeling Very Fortunate to Date, but Matthew Still Messing With Us

     Hurricane Matthew has caused absolute havoc in the central Caribbean, The Bahamas, and the Southeast Coast of the United States.   Here in the Lower Keys, we have hardly even had any rain from Matthew and the strongest winds barely touching 20 mph.   There is a rub to this though.  It seems that Mathew wasn't happy with it's first pass by South Florida and the Bahamas, so it is planning a second trip through the area.

     There is a bit of a silver lining to the story though, they are predicting that Matthew will be degraded to a "Tropical Depression" when it comes back by.

     We have been very fortunate, but I really have
to feel for my friends in the Bahamas and along the east side of Florida.  They will be facing a lot of work as they go through the next few months.  It will be a full time job to put their lives back together following such a devastating storm.  What the wind doesn't break, the flooding will eave soggy.  The last thing these areas need is a revisit by Matthew even if it is only a "Tropical Depression".  It will still be carrying a lot of rain, slowing the recovery efforts.

     My thoughts are for a rapid deterioration of Matthew and a chance for those who suffered through the fury of the storm can get their world back to a comfortable place quickly.