Saturday, September 5, 2015

Captain Morgan is Taking Aim at the Shot Market with Cannon Blast

     Captain Morgan Cannon Blast is described as an “intensely delicious shot”.   Cannon Blast is a mix of Caribbean rum, natural flavors and a “bold spice blend” of citrus, chipotle and jalapeƱo pepper.   Bottled in an exciting new bottle has an abv of 35%, giving a perfect balance of flavor and potency for that unique shot.   Michael Ward, global head of innovation at Diageo, said: “Consumers are making more choices around mixers, and shots have really changed in the US. They used to be something for guys to show they are guys, but now men and women do them together.
     “For a brand like Captain Morgan that’s about nights out, Cannon Blast is a really fun, high energy drink that we are having a lot of fun with. It demonstrates how innovations can solve consumer needs that the base brand cannot fulfill.”

     I’ll be interested in what effect this will have on the “shot market” against the likes of Fireball and other more traditional shots like Jagermeister.