Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Thinking Back on Antigua

     Antigua is one of those beautiful islands that really fascinates me.  The combination of the sights
and history, then adding in the wonderful rums produced there.

     I think about a day on a motor scooter cruising around the island.  Leaving  St. Johns we head out into the countryside seeing the small farms and open country.  As we cruise to the east headed toward Devil's Bridge.   As we went through St. George Parish then to St. Peter Parish, we enjoyed the open rolling hills of the this part of the island.  As we approached the Devils Bridge, we encountered wild donkeys along the side of the road.
    The Devil's Bridge is an eye full of the power and beauty of the ocean as it attacks the rocky cliffs of the eastern side of the island.    I could have spent the whole day at the Devil's Bridge, but it was time to head south toward Nelson's Dockyards in Saint Paul Parish on the south coast of Antigua.

    Admiral Nelson's Dockyards is a great historic site.   It is filled with museums that show all of the history and ships that found shelter here.  It was a place for the British Fleet to go to for repairs and even a bit of R and R for the sailors.   It is a fairly long trip down to the dockyards, but a worthwhile one.   The beautiful harbour and historic buildings are great.

     Leaving the Dockyards' we headed down to the beautiful St. Mary Parish coastlines. We had to pause at the beach to enjoy the sights there and dry off a bit after encountering a wet ride through the rain forest.

   Now it is time to head back to the north and return to St Johns.   This portion of the trip takes us through more of the countryside at the base of the mountains of the southwestern side of the islands and back to the city and the English Harbour Distillery for an education about the history and the making of rum on the island.
     Time for a sample of fine rum and a much needed rest of the back side that has spent quite a bit of time this day bouncing along the country and dirt roads around the island.