Thursday, August 29, 2013

The World's Most Expensive Rum

     Legacy by Angostura, there is nothing in the category to compare with this one.    The Legacy is created by  Angostura Distillers as a celebration of Trinidad's 50th Anniversary of their Independence.   There are only 20 decanters of the precious rum that will ever be released.  They will carry a price tag of $25,000 each.   This makes legacy by Angostura the world's most expensive rum.    Legacy is the culmination of nearly 200 years of rum production heritage, it is a blend of seven of Angostura's rarest and most precious rums.   Legacy is present in a "bespoke 500ml crystal and silver decanter specially made by jewelers to the Prince of Wales, Asprey of London.  

     The closure for the bottle boasts a beautiful silver  hand carved butterfly.  There is a unique Barcant Butterfly collection the company bought from Malcolm Barcant in 1974. It has been at the company’s Laventille premises since then and has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of visitors over the years.   Among this collection is a very rare butterfly known as a Faunus-ab Lamonti seen below that looks very much like the one on the decanter's crown.

The real story is in the rum, which according to
Angostura master distiller, John Georges, Legacy by Angostura is crystal polished dark oak in color, with bronze and gold highlights. It enters the palate with sweet, dried fruit flavors and, as it fills the mouth with warmth, the notes become nutty and spicy. The finish is long with trailing flavors of orange zest and oak.   This is a fitting finish for the "world's most expensive rum", and one that if I am so lucky one day may get the chance to sip.  ;o)