Tuesday, July 10, 2012

La Floridita Bar and the Hemingway Daiquiri

     The Hemingway Daiquiri, "Papa Doble", or the Papa Hemingway in the La Floridita Bar Menu a over the years there has been a large number of interpretations of the recipe for this marvelous cocktail. Today you will find several translations of the original Spanish recipe that is found in the menu of the La Floridita Bar Menu. Many people including Lillian Ross, author of "Portrait of Hemingway" have made suggestions that Ernest Hemingway's drinking was of a heroic magnitude, but Hemingway would boast of the quantities of alcohol he could consume in the form of Papa Doble, a double frozen daiquiri made to his own specifications.
Papa Hemingway
· Ron Havana Club carta blanca 3 años
· Jugo de Toronja
· Hielo Frappe
· Jugo de Limón Verde
· Marrasquino

Preparación: Se mezclan todos los componentes en la batidora, durante 30 segundos y se vierte en una copa para agua.
Se acompaña con pajillas 3/4.
My Spanish is very weak, but this is how the recipe has been translated and interpreted to me.
Papa Hemingway (Papa Dobles)

  • Havana Club White Rum 3 Years
  • Juice of the Grapefruit
  • Shaved Ice
  • Juice of the Lime
  • Maraschino Liquor ( Luxardo Specifically)
Preparation: Mix all the ingredients in blender for 30 seconds and pour into the cocktail glass.
Served with two short straws.
     Hemingway declared the Papa Doble to be "the ultimate achievement of the daiquiri maker's art.", adding that he had "made a run of sixteen here (La Florida Bar) one night". Few cocktails have become as famous as the Papa Doble, and few have ever been so "Klutzed up". Many of the cocktail books. Constante, the famous Floridita barman was watched by A. E. Hotchner, author of "Papa Hemingway", compounding the Papa Doble for Hemingway with 2 1/2 jiggers of Bacardi White Label rum, the juice of 2 limes, the juice of a half grapefruit and six drops of maraschino liquor. The texture of the cocktail was very important, and they were whirled very vigorously in a blender filled with crushed ice and served foaming in a cocktail glass or goblet. Hemingway described a properly beaten daiquiri as "like the sea where the wave falls away from the bow of a ship when she is going thirty knots." 

     Today we all have our own interpretation of the original recipe, even though there is an indication that a teaspoon of sugar was part of Constante's original recipe, Hemingway said "If you drank that many with sugar it would make you sick". Though you can find the recipe with or without sugar, Hemingway himself drank his without. Follow your own tastes, but if you stick to the basics, you can make up a really fine daiquiri that will impress the most discerning palates. Like Hemingway, everyone has their own way they like their daiquiri, so you can adjust the mixture to fit their tastes. ;o)