Friday, July 27, 2018

Plantation Rum Launches Preservation Initiative

Home of the Ferrand Plantation Foundation
     Plantation Rum has outlined plans for its new center dedicated to the research and preservation of   In 2017, Plantation Rum owner Maison Ferrand purchased an 18th-century estate in France, with plans to transform the site into a permanent home for the Ferrand Plantation Foundation, the brand’s foundation dedicated to the preservation of rum.   This estate will become a location dedicated entirely to rum research and education. It will include vintage documents, books and papers amassed by Maison Ferrand founder Alexandre Gabriel.
rum, as well as unveiling a new limited edition expression.

     Currently undergoing extensive refurbishment by a team of artists, once open, the Ferrand Plantation Foundation will welcome rum aficionados, collectors, scholars and fans.   As well as unveiling details of the foundation, Plantation Rum today announced the release of a new expression created in collaboration with rum collector Steve Remsberg.

     Plantation The Collector Jamaican Rum has been produced using rum made at the Long Pond Distillery in Jamaica.   The expression was created after Remsberg challenged Gabriel to recreate the flavors of a rare bottling in his collection, which had been out of production for several years.   Gabriel said: “I had the great fortune to explore Steve’s extraordinary collection, sharing with him his favorite, the mythical old Jamaica, which he asked me to recreate.   When Steve finally tasted my sample, I was nervously waiting for his comment. This extremely rare edition is my gift to my dear friend Steve.”   Just 999 bottles of The Collector will be released in the US and Europe, and all proceeds from its sale will be donated to the newly established foundation.

     Remsberg, who is known for having one of the largest private collections of premium and rare rum in the world, will be donating his rare rum collection in its entirety to the Ferrand Plantation Foundation.   Within the foundation’s home in France, a room will be dedicated to the collection, offering visitors the chance to watch videos of Remsberg explaining the history of each bottle and how they were acquired.   Remsberg said: “I’m very excited about Alexandre’s plans and dreams for this Foundation.  “My intention in putting together the collection, for the last 25 or so years anyway, has been that somebody in the future could use if for research into rum history or rum heritage. So I’m very, very optimistic. I know that Alexandre is committed to it, to keep it in one piece and what more of a heritage could anybody ask.”