Saturday, February 17, 2018

Looking at the Way Havana Has Cleaned Up Since 2012

2012 Downtown Havana
2018 Old Havana

     One of the really interesting things about wandering through
the streets of Havana and down into the historic districts is seeing how the locals actually live and interact with the tourists in Havana.  You hear about the abject poverty, but I don't see any more of this in Havana that I do in Miami.  Yes there are what look like homeless on the streets that are trying to hit you up for a hand out, but there no more of them than I see everyday here in Key West.

2012 El Capitolio
2018 El Capitolio
     I find most of the neighborhoods to be very clean and well kept.  The Cuban people are a great group and are proud of their heritage.  A lot of the media coverage seems to be as slanted as the media in the rest of the world.  With the return of tourists to Cuba, there is a noticeable change in the "eye-appeal" of the city with many of the old buildings that were dirty and falling down 5 years ago are totally restored today.  El Capitolio, and the National Theater are two examples of what I'm referring to.

2012 National Theater
2018 National Theater