Thursday, April 21, 2011

Celebration at the Rum Bar in Key West

Anne Parina in her new Art Car
     Anne Parina the owner of the Speakeasy Inn and Rum Bar show how lucky she really is over the weekend.     She won the Postage Stamp Art Car in the raffle she bought 1 ticket for.     The raffle was to benefit the Key West Arts and Historical Society and all of the work they do here in Key West preserving the fine historic sites we enjoy.     I'm really happy for Anne and even happier for the Arts and Historical Society in completing another successful event to keep their projects moving ahead.

      The car features actual art works by 18 local and international artists in the form of postage stamps.   I guess the best way to show off the car is in pictures so lets skip all the verbage and get to the photos.  


And this is only part of the 20 stamps on the car.