Saturday, May 26, 2018

Here We Go Again with Alberto Heading into the Gulf of Mexico

     We aren't even into Hurricane Season yet, and we have a tropical storm headed toward us.
  Hurricane Irma hit us the first week of September last year and this past week, we finally got all of the damage repaired on "Sanity Too" and the rest of our "fleet" and now we have another storm headed this way already.

     This storm is not expected to develop into much more that a tropical storm, but there will be a lot of rain and that can cause a lot of flooding problems and keep me close to home for a couple of days.  It is suppose to pass closest to us on Saturday around noon, but winds here are not suppose to be over 31 mph and start diminishing by noon on Sunday to below 25 mph here in Key West.

      This is more of an inconvenience rather than a serious threat to the keys.  I'm going to miss my Saturday afternoon in town listening to good music and nice rum.  I'll probably still get to sip the rum, but I doubt that I'll fight the winds on my bicycle to get downtown.