Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sailor Jerry Announces New Bottle and Label Coming Soon

     Sailor Jerry’s new bottle is embossed with the brand’s anchor design and dates.   The label has been divided into two areas giving more prominence to the iconic hula girl.   The new bottle shape just introduced will hopefully carry the new and progressive image of the brand.  The rum will not be changed, but William Grant and Sons company is stepping up all of its brands up with new labels and bottles that are here to raise the level of the brands.

“In a competitive category, the changes have been made to ensure Sailor Jerry remains prominent in the on and off-trade sectors and reflect the values of craftsmanship, independence and originality Sailor Jerry was built on.”    “The new packaging has been introduced to align the brand’s look and old school feel with the premium, authentic nature of the spirit,” said Riana Gallagher, Sailor Jerry senior brand manager.

     There are six new Sailor Jerry pin-up girls the brand has added on the inside of the front label that can  be removed giving the collector a chance to add the girls to their collection.

The new Sailor Jerry bottles will be available in September, keep an eye out for them in your local liquor stores..