Monday, July 29, 2013

Ron Varadero and Key West Sunshine

    Ron Varadero Anejo Seven Anos Rum is another of the fine rums produced at the Santiago de Cuba distillery.  This rum is one of the "light traditional rums" that came into being as a result of the hard work by Don Facundo Bacardi at the Santiago de Cuba factory many many years ago.    Traditional rum made from molasses, the end product of the boiling of the sugar cane to make the sugar crystals, light because it is clean and naturally distilled.   Don Facundo was the first to use aging bacteria and cultivated them and his own special yeast at his distillery.  These discoveries brought refinement by aging and a consistency into the world of rum .   The Santiago de Cuba Distillery's maestro ronero's continue today to make these fine rums in the traditional way. 

     Ron Varadero Anejo 7 Anos has a very light and delicate flavor that is so typical of the traditional rums of Cuba.   The rum has a medium caramel color with a subtly fruity and woody flavor that emits inviting aromas to draw you in.  The extraordinary smoothness and the lingering finish bring you back for a second and third sip.   The rum is made by traditional methods and is slow aged in oak barrels yielding a truly unique superior rum.   I found this rum to be a really a one of a kind fine rum that I wish that I could enjoy more often, but the American embargo of Cuba prevents the Americans to enjoy so many of the fine things that are Cuba.  

     Should you come across this rum in a "Duty Free" shop while abroad, pick one up, you won't be disappointed.   ;o)