Saturday, January 17, 2015

Do We Really Need Alcohol in Order to Relax?

    I read an article about a study in Scotland and it really makes me wonder about this.  I know that I
really enjoy jumping into the dinghy after work and heading over to the Hurricane Hole for a couple of cocktails, but I sometimes wonder if it is really necessary for me to chill out after work?   I do know that it is really about hanging out with a lot of friends that also enjoy getting together for a few cocktails and conversation, but I really don't know one way or the other if the alcohol is a necessity.

    It comes in light of a new study, Transformation and time-out: the role of alcohol in identity construction among Scottish women in early midlife, which concluded women in their thirties and forties use alcohol as a means to look beyond their everyday roles and responsibilities.  As such, drug and alcohol misuse experts claim alcohol advertising has effectively linked booze to “reward and relaxation”.
     “While recognizing that many people enjoy relaxing with a drink, we need to be wary that images portrayed in the media and entertainment industry do not make alcohol seem essential to relaxation and enjoyment in today’s culture for women in midlife, or indeed for people at any stage of life.”
     This really makes me wonder about the power that advertising has on our daily lives and if we really have any control over what we do or does the media really control our daily actions, needs and beliefs?  You can read more about the subject at  Then please make your own decision.  ;o)