Monday, July 14, 2014

Caribbean Rum Company Introduces Cane Rum

    Chris Blair form Caribbean Rum Company dropped by the Rum Bar yesterday to introduce me to a new white "cachaca style" rum.   Made from 100% premium Mexican red and blue cane.  The fresh harvested cane is immediately pressed and sent to fermentation  where it spends the next five days fermenting naturally with no additives.

    The rum is column distilled to 190 proof, filtered and cut to 100 proof for bottling.  The rum has a distinct aroma of grassiness and sweetness.  On the palate, it is clean and smooth, but the high proof and the unaged qualities of it burn a bit in the back of the throat.  The finish is a nice one that lingers for a while with a dry "agricole" like finish.

     This is a mixing rum, but it would fit very well for a Caipirinha or a T Punch.  I has a clean quality that would lend itself to these cocktails very well.   I think that it is also a good fit for a Mojito or other tiki style cocktails as well.

     I do like the rum, it is unique in its flavor and still a very clean tasting white rum.  ;o)